Social media is hot, almost everywhere, where you see computer and internet. Social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have rapidly increased in popularity so much that many are wondering why.

Same is the case in Pakistan, where use of Facebook and YouTube has increased 300% (detailed post about Facebook is coming soon) in past two years. Why this is so?

One of the biggest impact social media having is making people feel like they are empowered enough to make difference. They can share their message across the world with freedom and can show a different and many times a better picture of their lives than conventional media. Anyone can have an existence, all we have to do is to make a free registration in these social networking sites.

Popularity of blogging and Twitter is an example of this, from politics to cricket and everything between is being blogged and tweeted in Pakistani web.

Second aspect is the easiness with connecting and engaging friends. People more likely read news stories recommended by their online friends.

2010 Pakistan Floods was worst disaster in the history of Pakistan. The flood response on social media has been amazing while emotional and touching but it was also, wonderful to see how the whole world is showing the powerful concern we really do have for each other throughout our entire world.

Tweets from all the major non-profits and retweets from individuals encouraged the masses to support and denote for relief. Same thing is happening in the Japan’s case after one of the biggest earth quake.

You don’t need to be super rich to spread word today, if you are genuine and have something remarkable, social media works pretty well for you. This is one of the major reasons for popularity of social media globally and in Pakistan too.

For example, I never spent any money, but today with the help of social media I connect with my 500+ prospects and friends across the world with no hassle. Being owner of the blog makes me a media person.

Time has changed, technology has made it is possible that nothing is media, but you. Yes, You’re The Media!

So for above mentioned and many other reasons, we are come up with a blog where news and stories about social media focusing on Pakistan, shall be shared. We look forward to make your social media experience more productive and useful.


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